Renewing traditions and creating stories: Las tunas’ tale.

Renewing traditions and creating stories: Las tunas’ tale.

The name of Las Tunas is inspired in my hometown, Navojoa, which means “house of nopal” in the Mayo language (yep, you read right. It is Mayo, not Maya). The mayo people is an ethnic group from the south side of Sonora and the north of Sinaloa and as you can imagine, the name honors the land.

Tuna (in Spanish) is not a fish, but the nopal’s fruit, commonly known in English as prickly pear, and it has been used for 12,000 years. A delicious treat that Mexico enjoys mainly from Julyl to September.

Navojoa is a small city in the northwestern Mexico located between the heat of the desert and the freshness of the sea in the state of Sonora. And that contrast is what makes the place unique.

I landed on Finnish lands 14 years ago. In those years it was very difficult to prepare our traditional dishes for our festivities. That being said, with the lack of ingredients to do that, the idea to create a business that would provide what is necessary to keep our culinary tradition alive in Finland was born.

Authentic Mexican food is not just about walking into a restaurant, sitting down, and eating. It is enjoying a dish with many years of history, full of aromas of seasonings grown in our lands and above all, of love. In a nutshel: a ritual created with the recipes that were passed down from generation to generation.

And we’d love to share it with you, Finland!

Las Tunas team invites you to discover our culinary roots with ingredients such as corn, chili and beans, which are a millenary heritage of our ancestors. Come to taste our ingredients that have survived cultural miscegenation and the passing of the years, which makes them a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Welcome to our little piece of Mexico!

Rosa from Las Tunas 


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