Valente Villanueva, Finnish/Mexican music producer.

Valente Villanueva, Finnish/Mexican music producer.

Hello, everyone!

Las Tunas has been on a mission to share a little bit of Mexico on this side of the world, and we have been amazed to find talented people with Mexican heritage in Finland.

Therefore, this month we will be sharing the pen with our friend Valente Villanueva, who has written this for you:

I'm a 20-years old Finnish/Mexican music producer living in Tampere, Finland. My roots in Mexico originate from my father who is Mexican. When I was born my father and my mother moved from Mexico to Finland hence I have lived in Finland for my whole life. I'm integrated into the Finnish culture much stronger than the Mexican culture as the Mexican influence is not so strong in Finland. Nevertheless, I still have a little piece of Mexico inside me as I love the culture. I love Mexican traditions like "Día de Muertos" which I've celebrated every year with my family. Mexican food is also something I really really enjoy and that's why I'm very glad to have Las Tunas here in Tampere who makes it possible to taste the real Mexico here in Tampere.

I'm currently studying music production at the University of Applied Sciences of Tampere (TAMK). My music production career started as tinkling the piano when I was 4 years old. Since then I've wanted to create my own music, not just play other peoples music. I started to produce my own music when I was ten years old, so I've been on this path for ten years already. The style of the music I produce has changed many times over the years, but currently, I'm producing pop/nu-disco kind of music. 

I want to thank Las Tunas for this opportunity to be a part of this blog.

You can go listen to my music from the links below:




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